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How To Become A Vampire In Sims 4 | Latest Guide

The Sims 4 is one of the best life simulation game currently available on the market, with tons of great features and expansion packs, this game never gets old. There are a lot of everyday things that you have to do in order to exceed in the Sims 4.

Like you have to get a job, you have to eat and train yourself, you have to entertain and get married and all that stuff that we humans normally do in our everyday life is available in this game.

Although Vampires do not exist in real life, they are available in The Sims 4 with The Vampire Expansion Pack. These vampires add a dark side to your Simcity.

Vampires have their own needs and want and it’s different from an ordinary Sim.

The Sims 4 vampire expansion pack is completely optional; it doesn’t affect your current gameplay. But if you want to have a little bit more fun, then let’s explain the process of Turning Your Sims Into A Vampire.


How To Turn A Sim Into A Vampire?

Turning a sim into a vampire is a simple process, any Sim character either adult or older can be a vampire by completing the following two methods.

  1. Create a new vampire sim from scratch
  2. Get bitten by a vampire


Create A New Vampire Sim From Scratch

Creating a new sim from scratch is an easy process. In this way, you can add your favorite features like hair color, teeth size, skin tone color etc.

  • Click on “Add a Sim” option
  • Select vampire form from the menu
  • Vampires are usually normal looking but they have a dark form
  • Customize your sim and add different features like eye color, body type etc
  • You can also copy all the features from your existing sim
  • This method can be also applied to toddlers

Note: You need Sims vampire expansion pack in order to see “Add a Sim” option.


Get Bitten By A Vampire

This method is a little bit different than creating from scratch and requires a lot of attention.

  • Go to the forgotten hollow with the sim that you want to turn
  • Talk to a vampire named “Vladislaus Straud” or the one with the vampiric bat
  • Start a little bit of chat, ask them things about vampires
  • Visit them often and become a friend
  • After you’ve become a friend, Vladislaus Straud will reach out to you via text message
  • Ask him to turn you into a vampire
  • He will be happy to do it
  • Your sim and vampire should be together in order to proceed
  • Click on the vampire sim and press “More Option”
  • Now go to “Friendly”, “More option” and look for the option “Ask to turn”

Note: After turning into a vampire you will need, plasma pack, plasma food in order to satisfy your thirst need.


Vladislaus Straud” is a Sim-like vampire that lives in the forgotten hallow. Your sim will turn into a vampire in few days with all the good stuff and vampire powers.

Before using any Cheat Code in the game, make sure to enable testingcheats true is enabled. You can do this by opening up the cheat command box by pressing ctrl+shift+c and typing “testingcheats true OR on“.

Another important thing before applying any kind of cheat is to know your sim ID. You can check a specific sim ID by typing “sims.get_simid_by_name“.


sims.get_sim_id_by_name Hailey Olsen

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You can also customize your sim in Create-a-sim menu, you can change their fangs and also how they will look on their dark form. Bigger the fangs, more creepiness. You can also Turn Grim Reaper into a Vampire



Check out Sims 4 Vampire Cheats for detailed cheat list with their usage and energy points.


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