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Real Life Things That The Sims 4 Life Simulation Game Does Not Have

Real Life Things That The Sims 4 Life Simulation Game Does Not Have

Video games play a vital role in improving our brain and the ability to solve complex problems. Games are what defines us in our most easy and difficult situations.

Every part of our lives is simulated by video games. Sims 4 is a perfect life simulation game. The developers have tried their best to showcase every aspect of our normal daily life. Either its relationships, our skills, career or even parties, everything is included in the game.

Real Life Things That The Sims 4 Life Simulation Game Does Not Have

You can play the sims 4 to enjoy the life you’ve always dreamt of. There are no boundaries in the game and you can do anything that you want. The developers have tried their best to capture all the important parts of our life, still, there are some things that I believe would be great if they added in the game.

So I’ve just visited google and searched for all the important terms that are trending in the world to see if they are present in the game. Here’s a list of all the real-life things, that are not included in the sims 4.


Bitcoin Merchant

Bitcoin Merchant

Bitcoin is a digitalized cryptocurrency that took the entire internet back in 2017-18. Its a type of digital currency that doesn’t belong to any bank and didn’t even exist physically in the real world. If you compare it with the sims 4, then you may find it that there are a lot of similarities between in-game currency, simoleans, and Bitcoin. I really would like to see bitcoin in the sims 4, as a part of real currency or just collectibles that our sims have to scrape.


Car Accident Lawyer

In real life, lawyers play a vital role in our community. The term car accident lawyer usually belongs to car insurance. Like if you happen to have an accident, then the insurance company will pay for the damage. Unfortunately, the sims 4 doesn’t even have runnable cars. Its something that the players have wanted for a long time, but the developers are busy in making crapy DLCs. Although you can select a lawyer career in the game, still it won’t offer a car accident lawyer. EA! we want cars in the Sims 4.


Doctorate in Security

Doctorate in Security

Doctorate in security or Ph.D. in Security Management refers to the security field in the sims 4. Although there are no major threats in the game, still you can choose this career and live your life as a security manager. There are a lot of things that you can do in this career mod, like install Wireless security cameras and Cyclonsue’s CCTV Alarms and Signs.


Personal injury attorney

This term belongs to the Law career in the sims 4. Law career was available in the sims 2 but unfortunately, it’s not available in the sims 4. You can always use other methods to enjoy your favorite careers like using the sims 4 Law career Mod. It includes 4 tracks: Personal Attorney, Judge, In-house, and Public Prosecution. Roles of attorney include Advice and representation of clients, Communication, Conduct research, Interpret laws and perform other duties such as analysis of legal problems, rulings, and truck accident attorney. Mesothelioma attorney also falls under this kind of line work.


Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance also refers to car accident lawyers. In our normal life, insurance applies to everything. You can have insurance for your car, your smartphone, your Console, your even yourself. Auto insurance, on the other hand, is not yet introduced in the game. Why? because there are no cars in the game. This is something I’m looking forward too.


Digital Marketers

Digital marketing is a profound industry nowadays. It includes different categories such as Facebook marketing, Website ranking, Youtube marketing, Ads on google, etc. The Tech Guru career in the sims 4 falls under the same category, yet digital marketers are not yet included. There are many other fields you can apply like Quality Assurance, Live chat support, Project Manager, and a Start-Up genius.


Fitness Showrooms

Fitness Showrooms

Fitness showrooms relate to the Gym in the sims 4. Every world has its own gym space in the game. Gyms are usually open in the morning and are a perfect way to lose the extra fat. There is a fitness guide also available in the showrooms that will help and motivate you during your exercise. You can also use fitness as a skill to become more athletic in the game.


Some other terms like Electricity, Lawyers, and Degree

Here are some other terms that are mostly searched on google. So I’ve decided to shed a light on these too.


It is the most basic thing in our lives and in the sims 4. Electricity is always present in your household and other public places. To enjoy uninterrupted services, always pay electricity bills. You can do this via your smartphone or by using a computer.


As I’ve mentioned before, lawyers are not used in the game. Although its a very common career but the developers haven’t introduced them yet. You can always use other methods, like Lawyer career mod, to enjoy law-related services.


Education is a pretty common thing in the sims 4. It’s automated and you don’t have to do anything in terms of education. You sim toddler will automatically go to Middle School, Teen to High-School, and Adults to College or university. University education is not yet available in the game, but we’re expected to see it very soon. All credit goes to the epic fan community for this. Upon completing your educational year, your sim character will receive a degree which stats that they’ve completed their certain education from that institute.



So here’s a list of all the things that are and not included in the sims 4. Some other search terms include: Compensation Mesothelioma – relates to a jury trial, mesothelioma attorney and doctors car insurance all fall under the category of Law/Lawyer career. All of these terms are rare for many people, but if you search them on Google, all of these will pop up.

These are unique and will help the developers to make the game more realistic. We’re expected to see them in the upcoming updates or in the upcoming Sims 5.


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