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Sims 4 Buff Cheats, Add or Remove Buff in Sims 4

Sims 4 Buff Cheats add remove

This post covers sims 4 buff cheats and how you can remove them. The sims 4 buff cheats are Emotions that change the state of a sim for a short amount of time. These buffs can combine to change the mood of a sim depend on their character and surrounding. You can add buffs such as Very inspired, Super-embarrassed, or Focused High.


Sims 4 Buff Cheats add remove


The Sims 4 Buff Cheats

To use these cheat codes in the game, you first have to open the cheat console box. TO do this, follow the method provided below.

For PC Users: Press CTRL+SHIFT+C and type testingcheats on

For Console Users: Press all the shoulder button and enter testingcheats on


Buff Cheats for The Sims 4

The cheat code for buff cheats are Sims.add_buff X, change X with the Emotion State listed below. For Example, Sims.add_buff social_happy.

Sims 4 Buff Cheats Usage
EnergizedLow or EnergizedHigh Energized (high gives +2).
FlirtyLow or FlirtyHigh Flirty  (high gives +2).
InspiredLow or InspiredHigh Inspired (high gives +2).
FocusedLow or FocusedHigh Focused (high gives +2).
PlayfulLow or PlayfulHigh Playful (high gives +2).
SadLow or SadHigh Sad (high gives +2).
Social_Angry, e_Buff_Angry, feelingangry, unfaithful All Stacked Angry Cheat.
Social_Happy or e_Buff_Happy All Stacked Happiness Cheats.
e_buff_uncomfortable Feel Uncomfortable.
e_buff_embarrassed, peedself All Stacked Embarrassed.

Cheat Code: Sims.add_buff [buff, High/Low], This code adds a particular buff to the sim. The spellings here are very important.

Cheat code Example:  Sims.add_buff confidenthigh


The Sims 4 Remove Buff

To remove the buff from a sim, you have to use the sims 4 remove buff cheat. This cheat code will remove all the current moodlets or emotions from a sim and changes it to the default state (based on surrounding).

Sims 4 Buff Cheats Usage
Sims.remove_all_buffs Removes all moodlets or emotions from a sim.


The Sims 4 Remove Buff Cheats Are Not Working

In the recent sims 4 season update, the developers have made a lot of changes. The cheat code listed below is permanently removed from the game.

  • remove_all_buffs
  • set_Stat commodity_BecomingVampire
  • modify funds
  • Pregnancy cheats
  • Add add_buff cheats

Note: The cheat will still work in the game if you have a custom mod installed.


Sims 4 Buff Cheats Video Guide

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