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Sims 4 Xbox Cheats Codes Full List | The Sims 4 Xbox One Cheats

Get & Download Sims 4 Xbox Codes & Cheats Below. And read Useful Sims 4 Xbox One Cheats & Money Cheats as well. We have mentioned all Xbox One Death, skills cheat on this website. Check other guides at the end of the page.

Get Sims 4 Cheats Xbox Codes.

And read Useful Guide, how to apply sims 4 cheats, codes below.

They have brought over the sims 4 experience to gaming consoles in the form of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 finally, and it arrives at a cost of $49.99 US. For the standard one anyway.

There’s also a $60 deluxe party edition. I find those prices interesting because this is a 4-year-old game now and you know you can currently get it on PC (the standard one) for $39 us.

All prices aside though, this is easily the most impressive technically version of the sims ever to come out for a console because this time around they are not messing around!

The Sims 4 Xbox

They have completely brought the entire experience including the free patches and a lot of DLC including ghosts and pools, and new careers, half walls, dishwashers. Pretty much everything that they have added to the game since launch on PC- It’s already here!

About the only really big notable feature this does not include in the gallery, so you’re not going to be able to save your sims and share them with others through the game. Presumably, cheat codes, the EA website says that there are cheat codes available for this version. Sims 4 cheats on Xbox One are available. But according to the official Sims 4 FAQ said not all cheats would work for the console version of the game. To activate any sims 4 cheat code you first have to open the cheat console by holding all four shoulder buttons of Xbox One at once. Doing this will open up a text box at the top left of the screen enabling you to type any cheat of your desire.

Sims 4 cheat codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC are almost the same.

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Sims 4 Money Cheat Xbox One

For the household money, you have to open the cheat console as explained above and type the following command “Money X”. The letter X can be replaced with any desired amount you want. Use cheat “motherlode” to gain instant 50,000 simoleons and “kaching or rosebud” for 1000 simoleons.


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