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Sims 4 Debug Cheats | How To Debug Sims 4 | Buy Debug Cheat

Sims 4 Debug Cheats

This post covers how you can debug cheats in the sims 4, all the related guides and downloadable files.

Sims 4 Debug Cheats

The recent sims 4 seasons update came with a lot of changes. On the plus side, it improves overall gameplay and dynamics, on the other side, things just got a little bit more complicated. There are a lot of cheat codes that are not working after this update.

Some of them include,

These cheat codes can still work if you use Script or custom mods. You can install a custom package on your game. The more package file you install, the more feature you will get. You can also use the sims 4 enable debug cheats that bypass all the recent updates to a newer time.


The Sims 4 Enable Debug Cheats

You can debug items in the sims 4 using the cheat interactions mod. This mod also changes sim’s emotion, traits, skills, and other things. The script mod allows you to Shift+Click on Sim/Object and then bring up a debug panel for additional options.

Enable Advanced Debug/Cheat Interactions

Download from this link and install it. Installation instructions are provided below.


How to Debug Sims 4

To debug the sims 4, you first have to download the mod provided in the link above. Download and put the zip file in your Mods folder. The zip file also contains the .py source file.

Now launch the game and make sure the script mod option is enabled in the game options. You can also use this mod to debug objects in the game.


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