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Sims App Is Finally Here and It Understands Simlish.

We all knew that there will be a sim App in production, but what we didn’t know was when it’s going to release. ‘

A lot of people rumored that it’s going to release in 2018 but it did not, and now finally The wait is over. Sims App is finally here, officially releasing at the start of January 2020 with tons of amazing feature.

So what do we actually expect from the sims 4 App, Well its currently in beta mode so we’re not sure what it features it may have or not.

In the Holiday update of the game, Kate Olmstead and the development team Manu Sharma and Emory Irphan conducted a live stream finally decided to Announce the Application with some notable features. There will be a smart app for real Smart speaker devices like Alexa.

In-game your sims can talk to their smart speaker, Lin-Z to play trivia and play any song from the sims 2, 3 or 4.


Sims 4 App Simlish


Lin-Z Can Perform Some Amazing Features Including

  • Adjusting Lightning of the room
  • Play Music
  • Ask for a Joke
  • Ordering A Pizza
  • Play Trivia and much more



Although the most amazing feature of the Alexa smart speaker is that it can understand Simlish. If you build a strong relationship with the Lin-Z smart speaker, it will translate some of Simlish Phrases for you in the real world Alexa App. Some of the most useful phrases as you already know are “Hello” which is “Sul Sul”.

The development team stated that there are a lot of secret Vocabulary words coming in the game for you that your smart app can understand.

The development team started this project at the start of 2018 and it took them almost 1 year to complete the app. What else can you demand from the developers, now you can understand Simlish.

If you don’t have a smart speaker, how can you understand what your sim is saying in the game? So it’s better to buy a smart speaker now because the app is releasing soon and its free. Here we have a list of some of the best budget smart speaker for you to buy. Go ahead and check them out. Happy Gaming!

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