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The Sims 4 Collections – Complete List

Sims 4 Collection

In this post, you can find the sims 4 complete collection list and collectibles available at each side.

Sims 4 Collections

If you’re playing the sims 4 for a while now, then you may have noticed that there are some collectibles in the game that you can use later. In the sims 4 base game, 13 types of collectibles can be gathered by sims. Each of them can be found in different places and has its own sub-divided collectibles.

This post doesn’t include the other Expansion and Game Pack because there are so many things to do in the game. While most collections are completed via Fishing, travel or at home, the biggest burden you will face is by completing the Metals, MySims trophies, Crystals, and Fossils.

Here are some tips that you can follow when you’ve found a collectible.

  • Collecting Starts at Home
  • Head to other neighborhood Day by Day
  • Visit the Parks – Oasis Springs Park
  • Run a Pattern – Pause the game and look around
  • A natural Aspiration might help
  • Pause the game – For rocks and plants
  • Gain necessary skills and know your collections


The Sims 4 Complete Collection List


The Sims 4 Collection

Aliens: 10 Collectibles

Build a rocket ship and explore the outer space. When your sims are in the outer space, there’s a higher chance that they might bring an Alien friend with them. Aliens can be also found via the Rocket Science Skill’s adventures. Do enough space missions and you’re sure to complete this collection in time.


Crystals: 20 Collectibles


sims 4 crystals collections

Crystals are the rarest element in the sims 4. They can be found by digging up rocks. There are so many rocks in the game found in every neighborhood, so you better start digging. You can also showcase crystals in your room to become Energized or study them to become Focused.


Fish Collection: 22 Collectibles

Fishes can be found on every neighborhood rivers and ponds. If you increase you Handiness by level 10 and use different bait items than you can find many rare fishes with ease.


Elements: 15 Collectibles

Elements can be also found by digging rocks available at the different neighborhood. This includes many rare items such as Metals and Crystals. Once all found, you can use them on your Elemental Display Rack.


Fossils: 15 Collectibles

Limestone contains a lot of fossils in the game. Complete your fossil collection by digging up every rock in the game. You can extract limestone from rocks by clicking on Sim’s Inventory.


Frogs: 25 Collectibles


sims 4 frogs collection


Frogs are very common near gardens and lakes. You can find them by searching the wells, dead logs, and small ponds. You can also obtain frogs by breeding them on your household.


Gardening: 32 Collectibles

Gardening collectibles required gardening skills. You can use different ways to collect Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers. Different crafting techniques will result in rare and uncommon plants that are not available in any world.


Insects: 21 Collectibles

This collectible requires the Outdoor Retreat game pack. Mostly, all the insects can be found on Granite Falls. Rare insects can be found during the night and on other National Parks.


Metals: 20 Collectibles

Metals also fall under the category of elements. Different metals like Crystals, Fossils, and MySims Trophies are found by digging nearby rocks.


Microscope Prints: 12 Collectibles

This collectible requires your sim logic skill. You can gather slides from crystals, fossils, and plants to create different microscope prints.


MySims Trophies: 20 Collectibles

Trophies are found in capsules when you’re digging rocks for metals and crystals. Treasure map will also help you to locate them underneath the surface.


Postcards: 14 Collectibles

These collectibles can be found on pen pals on your computer. Go to the Socialize menu and select Pen Pal. You can also use these Buchapals Postcard Corkboard as a decoration for your home.


Space Prints: 15 Collectibles

After fish, this is the next easiest collections to complete in the game. Just check your backyard observatory to collect all the space prints.


Space Rocks: 4 Collectibles

Space rocks can be found by completing space missions via the Space Ship. If you find one space rock, then you may find the rest in your next space trip. You can also use them as a decoration for your room to get the Environment bonus.


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