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The Sims 4 Get Together Cheats and Club Points

The sims 4 get together cheats

This post covers all the cheat codes available in The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack.

The Sims 4: Get Together Expansion Pack

The Sims 4 downloadable content makes it unique and fun to play for a long time. There’s so many in this game that a player will not feel bored after hours of gameplay. The game includes tons of hidden content and expansion packs that make it one of the best life simulation games for every genre.

The sims 4 get together cheats

One of the best expansion packs that we’ve seen in a long time is The Sims 4: Get Together expansion pack. It was released in December 2015 and comes in second of the most playable expansion pack. The console version was released in 2018, which includes tons of extra features in the pack.

Features of The Sims 4: Get Together Expansion Pack

  • Create Unique Clubs
  • Join Clubs and Meet New Sims
  • Get Together and Live it up
  • Rule the dance floor
  • Explore a new world
  • Bonfire, Diving Platform, Woohoo bush and much more

The expansion pack comes with Aspirations, Trait, Skills, and new Lot Assignment that will spice up your gameplay. Now that we’ve covered some of the basics of the expansion pack, let’s talk about the sims 4 get together cheats.


The Sims 4 Get Together Cheats

Get Together Sims 4 cheats will help you to progress in the game without doing any extra work. Using these cheat codes, you can choose entry restrictions, personality traits, activities, and other membership requirements for your club. There are some additional cheat codes mentioned below, that will help you as well.


For PC users: Press CTRL+SHIFT+C and type testingcheats enabled

For Console Users: Press all the shoulder buttons and type testingcheats enabled

Sims 4 Get Together Cheats Usage
Kaching or rosebud Add 1000 Simoleons.
motherlode Add 50,000 Simoleons.
FreeRealEstate (on/off) All lots are free in the world.
Money (number) Change funds of a household.
stats.set_skill_level Minor_Dancing 5 Max out dancing skills.
stats.set_skill_level Major_DJ 10 Max out DJ skill.

Note: Change number from 1-10 for different results.


The Sims 4: Get Together Cheats Club Points

Club perk points are gained every time your club member does one of the listed activities. This works only when there’s a gathering in your club. If the icon in your sim club member is green, it means they are doing a club-approved activity. Being friendly or engaging with a chit chat is the best way to increase perk points.

The sims 4 get together expansion pack and club points

Unfortunately, you can’t cheat club perk points. If you still want to add custom club points in club perks than you can always use mods.


Download Link:

Download from this link and install it. Installation instructions are provided below.


How to Use the Mod:

Download and Extract the Mod file in your PC. Copy the content of the folder to directory Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. Go into the game settings and enable Script Mods.


The Cheat code available in the Mod File is ‘tm.clubcredit <amount>‘. Enter your Specified amount here for club credits.


The Sims 4 Get Together Cheats Video Guide


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