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The Sims 4 is Now Free for PC | MAC

If you’ve enjoyed the previous version of the Sims franchise and have yet to play the Sims 4, then we’re excited to announce that EA has granted free access to the game for a limited time. The Sims 4, Released in 2014 has become one of the massive success of life simulation games.

From the start, players can choose to create their own Avatars (Sims) and control their lifestyle and whereabouts. You can literally do anything in the sims 4. The developers of the game are always looking at bright ideas and releasing newer expansion packs every month of the year.

The recent expansion pack for the sims 4 are Get Famous and StrangerVille, but they all require the standard game. But you have to worry about this no more, because the sims 4 game expansion pack is currently available for free up to May 28, so rush to the origin game store and add the game in your library.

What Will We Get In The Free Version Of The Game?

Well, the original digital deluxe edition of the game costs at $49.99, and as a reminder, the content of the game is also available as a subscription program. The Sims 4 standard edition starts from $39.99 where you will only get the base version of the game.

The giveaway is only available for the base version of the game, so you’ve to buy additional resources such as expansions and DLC’s separately, which add new pets, seasons, careers, destinations and other features. It is important to note here that the free version is only available for Windows and MacOS users. If you’re a console user, then I’m afraid this offer is not for you.

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How to Download The Sims 4 Free Versions?

We recommend you to visit the origin store now and add this game in your library. Also, we have given the guide below how you can Download Sims 4 Free. After this, you can download and play this game, whenever you want. So to get started, first visit the official Origin store.




  • Now click on Get it Free
  • Now Click on the Standard Edition



  • This will open a dialogue box where you have to create/Login your Origin Account
  • Fill the required information, and then again click on ‘Get It Free’
  • This will add the following game in your library

After this, you will see the following message ‘You own the Standard Edition’


Now you can play this game whenever you want.

Download Sims 4 Free

get Download Sims 4 Free from Below link :

How long is the promotion running?

Starting from 22 May 2019 the promotion will be running up to 28, May 2019. So you’ve 7 days to claim your free version of the game.

Is this a trail or actual game?

This is the actual copy of the sims 4, not a trail. After you’ve added this game on your library, you can play whenever you want.

Does the free version include the newer DLC’s?

No, you have to buy additional resources from the origin store.


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