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The Sims 4 Vampire Powers & Weaknesses

Playing a game with cheat codes is a big part for most gamers. With all the previous Sims games, the Sims 4 comes with a vampire pack too. This expansion pack is filled with awesome scary vampires that are ready to suck your blood.

This expansion pack is a little bit of different than the rest, it contains scary new vampires, haunted places, new power points and much more. The official release date for this expansion pack is 24 January 2017 with a price tag of 19.99.

EA surely knows how to sell a DLC for an awesome game. But what if you wanted to turn your current gameplay into vampire-like haunted place, or even change your favorite sim character into a vampire.



You can do that with cheat codes. There are cheat codes available for Vampire energy, Powers, Perks, Weakness, Lore Skill and ranks.

The Sims 4 Vampire Powers

There are so many power levels available for Sims 4 vampire expansion pack. Some of them are good from others. Points are based on your Vampire studying powers and Lore Skill. These ranks will go from Fledgling to Master Grand Master.

These are listed below:

Power Name Rank
Detect Personality A true Master
Bat Form Fledgling
Cast Hallucination Fledgling
Eternally Welcomes Fledgling
Occult Student Fledgling
Vampiric Charm Minor
Vampiric Strength Minor
Command Minor
Garlic Immunity Minor
Vampire Creation Minor
Mesmerize Prime
Child of the Moon Prime
Irresistible Slumber Prime
Manipulate Life Spirit Prime
Vampiric Slumber Prime
Dampened Emotions Master
Supernatural Speed Master
Sun Resistance Master
Odorless Master
Influence Emotion Grand Master
Mist Form Grand Master
Beyond the Herd Grand Master
Tamed Thirst Grand Master
Tamed Thirst Grand Master

The Sims 4 Vampire Weakness With Their Ranks

There areĀ also so many Weaknesses available for Sims 4 vampire expansion pack. Some of them are listed Below.

Weakness Name Rank
Withered Stomach Fledgling
Guilty Drinker Fledgling
Uncontrollable Hissing Fledgling
Sloppy Drinker Minor
Thin-Skinned Minor
Sleep of the Undead Prime
Fitful Sleep Prime
Insatiable Thirst Master
Day Phobia Master
Eternal Sadness Grand Master
Undead Aura Grand Master
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